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Please Support the Opera House!

Please consider becoming a donor!

As a donor, your name or business name, will be displayed prominently on our new 5 foot tall placard in the lobby!

                   Sponsorship Levels

Sponsor Stage Right                             $1500

Sponsor Center Stage                          $1500

Sponsor Stage Left                               $1500

Sponsor Cremona Percussion              $1000

Sponsor Cremona Pipes                       $1000

Red Seats (Rows A-E)                            $250

White Seats (Rows F-K)                         $200

Blue Seats (Rows M-Q)                          $150

Black Seats (Rows R-W)                         $100

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

To Become a Donor:

Please email us at

with your

1. Name

2. The name you want displayed on your plaque

3. The amount you donated!

4. Donate at our Box Office or through PayPal by clicking the Donate button!

*We are not a non-profit organization*

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