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How long do the shows last?

The Rustle Your Bustle Vaudeville Show, offered Tuesdays - Thursdays, lasts about 1 hour. 

The melodrama + vaudeville show offered Fridays - Sundays generally runs about 2 hours.  1 hour melodrama, 15 min intermission, 45 min vaudeville.

Are food and drink allowed in the theatre?

Yes!  We sell concessions and you can also bring drinks in from the Bale of Hay Saloon!


Is there an intermission?

Yes, during the melodrama + vaudeville shows, Friday - Sunday, there is one 15 minute intermission between the melodrama and the vaudeville. Rustle Your Bustle does not have an intermission.


What if we arrive late?

If you arrive late, you can still purchase your tickets and you will be seated toward the back of the crowd so as not to disturb the other patrons.


Are babies and small children allowed in the theatre?

Yes, but we do suggest requesting an aisle seat so it's easy to leave if necessary.


Are dogs allowed in the theatre?

Yes, we love dogs!  There are loud noises, including occasional "gun" fire, and the actors do use the aisles, so dog owners are asked to keep their dogs out of the aisles and not bring them in if there is a chance the dog will start barking.


Is it appropriate for small children?

Yes, our productions are akin to Disney-type movies in terms of how "scary" they are and how "adult" they can be.  Any jokes with a more adult flavor are designed to go over the heads of young children.


Can I purchase my Brewery Follies tickets with you?

Nope!  The Brewery Follies is a completely separate business from ours.


Is it reserved seating?

Yes, the seats are reserved.  If you need wheelchair accommodations, please include that information when making your reservation. 


When does seating start?

Seating begins half an hour before the start of the show.  


What kind of payment methods do you accept?

We accept anything and everything. Cash, Check, Credit Card, even Apple Pay.

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